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Gemicle is an evolving IT company that develops innovative designs and advanced technologies. Here at Gemicle we deliver software for notable companies in various areas. Our expertise expands from creating games and apps for social networks to development of complex e-commerce projects and B2B solutions.
Outsourcing services are not our only prime. Gemicle is more of a full cycle company, which means that our employees are more creators, than just developers engaged in bug-fixing. Professionals of the company create each product from scratch, which gives them nice opportunity to have their talents proven. Both the use of edge-cutting technologies and a highly knowledgeable staff have contributed to the success of the company. Many of our valued personnel have developed solutions for brands and well-known high-tech companies. Our dedicated team of highly qualified developers, designers, animators, engineers and QAs prides itself of experience in Enterprise Java technologies, Flash, C++, JavaScript, and PHP. Gemicle is a fusion of young and experienced professionals providing for development and revelation of new talents of the beginners, energetic “wannabe” young people. We offer our staff comprehensive support and opportunities for professional growth. We do not only encourage to become a real guru in the field of IT, but also guarantee a friendly atmosphere and frequent parties, as well as comfortable work conditions in an office right in the center of Vinnitsya.

Software solutions suggested by Gemicle help to solve a wide range of everyday and global tasks.

This enables our customers to rely on the robust solutions from Gemicle and to conduct the main business processes ignoring the secondary tasks that can be automated.

telecommunication systems
Automated information systems
Corporate information portals
GPS - tracking
Web-based systems
Games for social networks
"E-ticket" systems
Statistics and analytics
Software for mobile devices (ios, android)
Business system analysis
Planning, resource management
Trading platforms
Network for professionals! Project for searching business-contacts and vacancies.
Contactless card payment system.
Automatic passenger counting system for vehicles and Bi-directional visitor counting system for stores.
Online marketplace.
Fairy Walk
Casual game for a social network.
Reliable shop for reliable purchases!
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